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Short History - St. Teresa's Minor Seminary S. R. C.

St.Teresa's Seminary - Amisano S. R. C. was formed by 2010 / 2011 Post Senior High students.
The main aim for its establishment is to generally examine the needs and problems of seminarians and submit them to the staff for actions or solutions.
Another rationale for its establishment is to offer the platform for future priests to take up leadership roles and equip themselves for their chosen vocation.
The major challenge the council initially faced was that seminarians were reluctant to accept it. The reason was that the seminarians, at that time, could not understand the need for the council as they already had prefectorial board in place and therefore envisaged role conflict between two bodies. However, upon further education and explanation, seminarians came to embrace the council's roles.
The Founding Executives of the S. R. C.
Mr. Emmanuel Boateng                            President
Mr. Bismark Acheampong Adjei               Vice President
Mr. Nana Takyi Danquah Yanney             Secretary
Mr. Ebenezer Appiah                                Assistant Secretary
Mr. Andrew Kofi Hagan                             Member
Mr. Martin Artisan                                      Financial Secretary
Mr. Ernest Boateng                                   Public Relations Officer.
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Abbey Quaye            Patron.
The S. R. C. in the Hands of 2011 / 2012
Post Senior High Students
The 2011 /2012 academic year's group took the mantle from the interim prefects with their president Mr. Ebenezer Aganu-Luvo on September 3, 2011.
The present membership is made up of the following:
Seven (7) executives,
four (4) representatives from various societies,
one (1) person from the Voice of St. Teresa's Club and
the rest from prefectorial board and displinary committee
Executives for 2011 / 2012 Academic Year Group
Mr. Ebenezer Quaye                                  President
Mr. Slyvester Anazoh Quarm                     Vice President
Mr. Gregory Kwame Owusu                       Secretary
Mr. Lawrence Baffoe Arthur                       Vice Secretary
Mr. Enoch Enimil                                        Public Relation Officer
Mr. James Danso Gyekye                          Organizing Secretary
Mr. Alex Kojo Amponsah                            Financial Secretary
Mr. Andrew Kofi Hagan                              Executive without Portolio
Rev. Fr. Isaac Arthur Mensah                    Patron
Following the aim of its establishment, 2011 / 2012 academic year group members of the council have as its major priority to open a provision store for the seminarians on campus. The store is to help seminarians have access to the basic things they always go out to buy on every Sunday.
The major challenge facing this council is the lack of funds to run the affair of the council. Again some seminarians are reluctant in honouring voluntarily the payment of dues to the council.
Source of Funds: