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  1. The Rector of the Seminary and the staff are responsible for the spiritual and temporal well-being of the seminarians. All staff members are with authority delegated to them by the Rector.
  2. All Post Senior High School seminarians, by virtue of their position as seniors, are to assist the staff in the maintenance of discipline by their own example of obedience and by encouraging others to do the same.
  3. The Seminary Officers, elected by the seminarians and approved by the staff,handle the technical details in the maintenance of discipline and order in the various departments of the seminary where they are assigned. They are assisted by the Class  and the Dormitory Prefects.                                                                             
  1.  a.  Seminarians should be in    residence by  8:00pm on the day of reopening.
           b.  Lateness should be officially 
             explained with a letter from Parish
              Priest or Priest-in-charge.
       2.  The chapel is a place of prayer and
            should be held with reverence at all
       3.  a.  An atmosphere of quiet and
            study should prevail in the 
            Classroom at all times. The 
            Science Laboratories are open to
            seminarians during class times.
            b.  During class time and study
             periods, ALL seminarians are 
             required to be in their
             classroom or reading room. During
             daytime, seminarians could use
              the "Paradise".
       4.  a.  A spirit of quietness should be
             maintained in the Dormitories at all
             times out of consideration for

             b.  Eating in the Dormitory is
              strictly prohibited.

       5.  a.  Out of courtesy and
             consideration for others,
             seminarians should conduct
             themselves in a gentlemanly

            b.  The use of cutlery set is 
             compulsory for ALL seminarians
             at all meals.

            c.  On the day of vacation,
             seminarians leave the  campus
             ONLY after Mass in the morning.


  1. Seminarians should attend and participate in all community activities, e.g. spiritual exercise, classes, studies,singing practices,work, games, meals etc.
  2. Out of consideration for others and as part of one's training in self-discipline; seminarians should be punctual at all activities and should stay for the duration of the activity.

   Seminarians should wear the prescribed
   attire at all times, i.e. blue short sleeve
   shirt over  khaki trousers and shorts for
   Post SHS and SHS students respectively.

  1.  On all school days, the school uniform must be worn. In the evening, seminarians can wear any decent khaki or black trousers or shorts with their white shirts to match. On Saturdays, seminarians can wear any DECENT attire after Mass for morning studies.
  2. On Sundays and Holidays, SHS seminarians should be in white trousers or shorts and white shirts and Post SHS seminarians should be in dark-blue trousers and white shirts.
  3. Native cloth / traditional attire can be worn on the FIRST SUNDAY of every month and on national holidays on campus.
  4. Seminarians must wear khaki trousers and blue shirts when going to the hospital. 
  5. On free outings, SHS seminarians should wear khaki trousers and white shirts and Post SHS should wear dark-blue trousers and white shirts.
  1. Exeats may be obtained from the Housemaster, or in his absence, from any staff member. Seminarians should report back to the person from whom the exeat was obtained.
  2. On free-outing days, seminarians may leave after breakfast but should be back by 5:15PM. Permission is necessary for trips beyond Cape Coast and Elmina.
  3. Seminarians are permitted to go for a walk on Sunday but should not go beyond Elmina or Ankaful Village without permission.
  1. Seminarians may receive visitors on Saturdays from 11:30AM - 3:30PM. Visitors who come in outside the specified hours should be directed to the staff house. 
  2. Visitors are not to be taken into the dormitories.
  3. Old students are considered visitors.
  4. Visitor cannot stay overnight on campus.
  1. Seminarians needing medical attention must follow the procedure set by the Staff infirmarian.
  2. Seminarians must not go to bed without the explicit permission of the  Staff infirmarian.
  • By the end of the second week of each term, clubs and societies should present to the Housemaster through their chaplains, the programs of activities for the term. After consultation with the seminary administration and the chaplains of these organizations, these activities may be approved and put on the seminary calendar.
  1. The campus is bounded by all sides by farmlands, all of are out of bounds. The road leading to Amisano is also out of bounds.
  2. Seminarians should not go beyond the culverts on the roads leading to Amisano.
  3. Any person who goes beyond the boundary without permission will be dismissed.
  1. For a seminarian to leave the seminary at the request of his family, there should be a written request from the family through the Parish Priest to the Rector.
  2. "Homoing" and all acts of intimidation are absolutely forbidden and punishable by outright dismissal.
  3. Writing in books, on walls, windows, doors, whiteboards or furniture is forbidden.
  4. The compound should be kept clean at all times. There is to be no litter (e.g. bottles, food, peels, papers, tins,etc.) in or around the Seminary buildings.
  5. No piece of furniture or seminary property is to be moved from its place without the authorization of the Rector or Housemaster.
  6. All seminary property should be  handled with care and handed in at the end of every term.
  7. Lights are to be switched off at the specified times.
  8. The use of mobile phones, electrical pressing irons and other electrical gadgets are prohibited. Failure to comply with this directives attracts a two-week external suspension.


        Fr. Michael M. Panful