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Library & Media Center

The academic growth of a seminarian depends not only on classroom teaching, but also on complementary knowledge gained through independent research and reading. For this reason, seminarian is encouraged to use the school library not only for class assignments but also for leisure time reading and enjoyment. Seminarians using the library should be in proper school dress code at all times.

The library is opened from 2:45pm to 4:00pm and from 7:45pm to10:00pm daily except on Thursdays, the library is opened from 2:45am to 5:30pm and from 7:45pm to10:00pm.

Seminarians wishing to conduct research may also access St. Teresa's Seminary's resource center from their own personal home computers.

All seminarians are also required to read at least three (3) story books for leisure in every term. This work will count toward their final grade.


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