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“Forming future shepherds after the Lord’s own Heart”

St. Teresa’s Seminary is the cradle and the nerve centre of priestly formation in Ghana. For over 75years, the seminary has stood tall and splendid in the serene environs of Amisano, Elmina, as a beacon of intellectual, human, moral and spiritual excellence. For many years, St. Teresa’s Minor Seminary has borne the hardships of the times and remained “the little flower” of God that nurtures our youth for the sacred Priesthood.

Imitating the spirituality of its patroness, St Teresa, who represents and symbolizes the perfection of grace in simplicity, the character of formation in the Seminary, has been simple and humble; that future priests in the vineyard of God may remain simple and humble instruments leading others to God.

 The one single attribute which successfully expresses the nature of the Church is Mission. When the SMA Fathers decided to make St. Teresa the patroness of this place of formation of pastoral agents for the Mission Church they were founding, they, by some act of divine providence entrusted this house of formation to the great and all time patroness of all missionary activities.

On account of this, St. Teresa’s Seminary has become a place of forming growing boys to be outstanding in selfless giving and pastoral charity, equipped to carry with their fellow brethren society’s burdens and to be witnesses of the Good News and the Faith to the world.

                                                                                                                                            “I will go to the Altar of God”